Stand with immigrants and refugees by saying NO to Trump’s supplemental funding request. CALL 1-844-909-0232 Tell your member of Congress to vote NO on Trump’s supplemental funding request! S. Indivisible More Background Info and Call Scripts Below: Last Wednesday, the administration sent a $4.5 billion request for a supplemental funding package that includes billions for … More ACTION: CALL

July 4 Parade Update

Friends.  We did it.  I woke up disheartened and my energy was low.  I didn’t really want to march under another group’s banner.  I felt defeated.  But.  I showed up.  And so did you.  20+ members gathered to support the Bonner County Democrats, including folks from Sandpoint 350.  We stood.  We were counted. Members pointed … More July 4 Parade Update

Lion’s Denies Indivisible’s Float GROUP QUESTIONS PARADE EXCLUSION June 16, 2017 at 5:00 am | By Keith Kinnaird Print Article (Courtesy photo) Sandpoint Indivisible is taking exception with not being allowed to march in the Lions Club parade on the Fourth of July. SANDPOINT — The Sandpoint Lions Club is sticking by its decision not to allow Sandpoint … More Lion’s Denies Indivisible’s Float

The Firing of Comey

If you are living in a bubble (which is sometimes necessary to maintain sanity in the modern era and please do it whenever you need to take care of your mental health), you may not have heard that yesterday James Comey was fired by Trump’s administration.  Comey was the FBI director who took flack for publicizing … More The Firing of Comey