Precinct Maps

Do you know your voter precinct?  I made some maps for those of you in Bonner County, Idaho.  If you don’t live in Bonner County, visit your county website and see if maps are available in your area, or call your county clerk.

The last day to file candidacy is March 9 for the November Election, and Precinct Captains are still needed for the Bonner County Democrats.  If you are interested contact Sylvia at 208-304-2995.  If you are interested in being a precinct captain for the Bonner County Republican Committee you can contact them through their website here.

The maps are available on a new page I added to our website called “Precinct Maps”.  There is also a link on that page where you can view and download higher quality PDF images of the same maps from our Google Drive public access folder.  Check out the maps here:

Sandpoint Voter Precincts MapDowntown Voter PrecinctsBonner County Voter Precincts Map

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