Why Politics is the Poison and the Cure

https://slate.com/news-and-politics/jurisprudence Why Politics Is Both the Poison and the Cure BY DAHLIA LITHWICK At the start of the pandemic, I began searching around for a complicated word that would express the idea that I was basically fine but also utterly shattered (I assumed the German language has a word to accommodate this vague concept for … More Why Politics is the Poison and the Cure

Meeting Today!

Hello dear friends. Just a reminder that the first gathering of The Letter Cooperative will be today! Wednesday December 8 6pm-8pm Rachel’s House: 527 Alder St, Sandpoint (Vaxxed friends only for in person) Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/7515534498?pwd=R2ZLNE92SFhRaGxodEU3bXRCT2hCZz09 Meeting ID: 751 553 4498Passcode: GxMGE0 Don’t want to join a meeting but still interested in letter writing? Drop … More Meeting Today!

The Letter Cooperative

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving Indivisibles! I’ve been contemplating a new project for many months now and am finally ready to put my ideas into action. I’m launching The Letter Cooperative (TLC) in the new year! Itching to do something? Want to start now? Beta TLC meeting will start in December! You can participate in person … More The Letter Cooperative

November 2

Dear Indivisibles. It appears I have not been active politically lately and that our dear Sandpoint Indivisible has gone the way of so many other “start up” organizations. It’s so easy to burn out in this game. Politics turns out to be one crisis after another. Which is obviously demoralizing and exhausting. In our last … More November 2