Voter Revenge Bill Passes

Tell Governor Little to veto this appalling bill.

Bad news: the Idaho House just passed SB 1159 — the “voter revenge act.” Now it goes to Governor Little.

This is our last line of defense against this bill:


Click here to sign the petition to tell Governor Little to VETO this unconstitutional legislation.


The entire point of SB 1159 is to make sure we can never get another initiative on the ballot. If this bill had been in force last year, we would never have gotten Medicaid Expansion on the ballot so Idaho citizens could vote for it.

Don’t let a few Republicans strip away our constitutional rights. Sign the petition today. Forward this email to all your Idaho friends and ask them  to sign the petition. We need to tell Governor Little we will not allow this assault on our rights as Idaho citizens.

Thank you for your continued commitment!

Luke Mayville

Reclaim Idaho Co-Founder

Copyright © 2019 Reclaim Idaho

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