Hi All!

I’m in the final year of my graduate program and trying to protect my sanity, my family time, and my chances of finishing on time by doing very little political activism. I’m sorry if that has left you hanging. 
I’m open to increased leadership from any interested members. I can teach you how to use the list-serve and the website. 

I’ll try to give you a heads up about upcoming events and event ideas. Here’s three for this week:

1. National call for Rally on Sept 17 to protect our vote from Russian Interference. Do you want to organize an event in Sandpoint? See below:
“With the Trump Is Not Above the Law network, we helped preserve the Mueller investigation. Now we need to work collectively to protect our elections from Russian interference, which Mueller declared is still an urgent threat.  Can you host an event for the nationwide Secure Our Vote day of action on Sep. 17?”
2. Reclaim Idaho is launching an educational funding initiative! This is one I wish I could take more part in so I hope if many of us help it will make for lighter work for all. 
Check out all the details at https://www.reclaimidaho.org/invest-in-idaho
3. 350 is organizing a rally for action on climate change as part of the Global Climate Strike September 20.Volunteers will form a hand to hand link across the long bridge. Hope you can join! I don’t have all the details yet but I’ll let you know when I do. Or check out 350 Sandpoint on the web or Facebook. 
4. We are working hard to get national coverage of the raging, ridiculous, gun-debate locally. County suing city? What a phenomenal waste of our tax dollars. Keep your eyes open for national news coverage we hope is on the way…
Keep your head up. We are all in this together. 
Sandpoint Indivisible

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