Action! Email Risch Now

Risch, Take the Impeachment Trial Seriously!!
Forward from the Idaho Democratic Party – easily send Risch the form letter or personalize it. The link is below.

Forwarded content————————

Senator Risch was shown sleeping during the impeachment trial yesterday in a New York Times sketch, but as Idahoans, that’s not news to us— he’s been asleep for the last 12 years as our Senator.
Remember in December when Sen. Risch said he would “keep an open mind” and that people need to “take [the impeachment] seriously [and] somberly?” We think he might be taking it a little too somberly. 
If Sen. Risch wants to go home and take a nap, we’d be happy to let him do that in November when we vote him out. Until then, we would appreciate it if he would do his job and catch some z’s on his own time.  
Here’s to staying awake through 2020,
Lindsey Johnson, Communications Director
Idaho Democratic Party

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