Last Day

Note:  There’s a good reason to vote by absentee ballot and the deadline to request one is tomorrow, Friday, Feb 28.  Read on

This spring voters have the opportunity to participate in two primary elections, one for presidential candidates in March, and again on May 19th for all other elected offices.  If you are registered to vote, now is the time to call the Bonner County election office and make sure you can vote the ballot of your choice.  (As in all primaries, there are multiple ballots; you must choose to vote on a ballot from ONE of the political parties.)

The May 19th Republican ballot is of particular importance for our local government and there are some great candidates this year for county commission and Idaho legislature. However, the Republican party has rules that restrict who may vote on their ballot.  If you are already registered to vote, you must be unaffiliated or affiliated Republican by MARCH 13.(check your affiliation here:

A simple way to make sure you can vote on the ballot you want is to ask for an absentee ballot BEFORE Feb 28.  Otherwise, be sure to check your status BEFORE MARCH 13, which is the deadline the Republicans have set for choosing their ballot for the May primary; you may then need to submit a change of affiliation form.

To get an absentee ballot and to check your affiliation, call or visit the Bonner County election office.  They are quite friendly and are happy to help.  1500 HWY 2, Suite 124, Sandpoint208-255-3631

Make sure that our democracy is working for you and vote. We will all benefit from your participation.

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