Come Together North Idaho

The group is focused on being a platform for people to state their needs, and others to give what they can. If you guys have any food, toiletries, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, etc. What ever you have I will be able to find someone in need. Usually I do meet-ups, pick ups, and drop offs so I’m usually on the front line.
Also, if you know anyone in need please contact me.
Another big things is just getting the word out there that we exist and are here to serve the community. Furthermore we need promotion of our page and events. We have 2 events coming up, one is a food drive for Bonner county food bank on March 28th from 11-4pm. The event is titled ‘Fill My Car With Kindness’. I will be parked in the LDS Church parking lot for people to drop off donations.
Our second event is a free sack lunch. This will be on April 4th from 11-4, or until we run out. I will also be parked in the LDS Church parking lot for people to swing by and pick them up. We are also trying to find a location in post falls for people to pick up lunches. With this event we are looking for people who would like to donate food items for the lunches. Here is a list:


-Peanut butter


-fruit snacks/roll ups etc

-granola bars

-fruit cups


-brown bags

Any other items you can think of that would be good in sack lunches

Here are the links to the events and our Facebook page: 

Thank you so much! Here are the links:  

Come Together North Idaho:

Free sack lunch day:

Fill my car with kindness day:

Thank you so much and here is my contact info. 

Phone: 208-290-8213 


Thank you so much for everything, and we look forward to hearing back from you! 


Leo Hunsaker

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