November 2

Dear Indivisibles.

It appears I have not been active politically lately and that our dear Sandpoint Indivisible has gone the way of so many other “start up” organizations. It’s so easy to burn out in this game. Politics turns out to be one crisis after another. Which is obviously demoralizing and exhausting.

In our last local election we had some big wins to be proud of but this local election yesterday has given us only modest gains and some significant losses as well. It would’ve easy to feel guilty for the doors we didn’t knock. The calls we didn’t make. The dollars we didn’t donate to progressive candidates.

Instead I’m going to think about what I want to do going forward. I hate receiving political calls so I’m going to stop trying to make myself call people. I’m almost a Millennial in my fear of phone conversations in fact. Instead of jumping from defensive positions on political crises after crises, I’m going to focus on the work I like to do.

I like seeing you, my fellow progressive activists. I like having social gatherings to keep up moral and working meeting where we sign petitions and write postcards. I really like writing and sending letters.

Whatever happens in each election, let’s focus on what we can do to create change. That means tapping in to our own theory of change. How do you feel we create change in society? Electoral politics? Phone calls? Protests? Personal conversations? Compelling research? Documentaries?

I’d love to hear from you. I know the changes we, as progressives, want to see. How fo you think we can get there?

2 thoughts on “November 2

  1. Thanks for stepping up again Rachael! Personally, I like standing out in the public with a sign that makes them think. After all, that’s all we’re asking for, think/compare/evaluate. Keep me posted! George


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