The Letter Cooperative

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving Indivisibles!

I’ve been contemplating a new project for many months now and am finally ready to put my ideas into action. I’m launching The Letter Cooperative (TLC) in the new year!

Itching to do something? Want to start now? Beta TLC meeting will start in December! You can participate in person if you are vaccinated and well, or virtually via zoom.

Wednesday December 8 6pm-8pm

Wednesday December 22 6pm-8pm;

Rachel’s House: 527 Alder St; Sandpoint

You can also puck up a packet from my porch anytime after the meeting and participate quietly at home on your own schedule.

Rachel Castor is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 751 553 4498
Passcode: GxMGE0


This project will focus on the activism of letter and postcard writing. I find it very lonely and dissatisfying work to contact our current Members of Congress (MOC’s). And I especially dread making those phone calls! I was inspired by an organization I used to belong to but which no longer exists (I don’t even remember the name!). The organization would mail me a packet of letters each month, typed with my return address and my MOC’s addresses. All I had to do was sign them and post them! I found this a satisfying activity that made me feel I was a part of the movement. I also kept up to date with politics by writing these letters.

I envision something similar not with more community participation. My goalie that each member will write and bring a letter each week about a topic of their choosing! Then we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge while also sharing the labor.

Don’t let this idea of a cooperative deter you from participating of you don’t have the time or inclination to write your own letters! Come to the beta december meetings and we can brainstorm the best ways to make this idea a reality. I will bring letters! You can bring a pen (and some wine or chocolate)!

Do you like this idea?

What have you been missing about Sandpoint Indivisible?

What have you been dreaming up?

How many typos did I make in this post?

Leave a comment or reply… I’d love to hear from you!

In Solidarity,


3 thoughts on “The Letter Cooperative

  1. Previous elections I wrote probably close to 700 postcards to unregistered voters.
    As a 90 year old this is what I could do from home.
    Our democracy is in jeopardy.
    I want to positively help.
    When you have something I can do from home, please let me know.
    Postcards worked! Let’s try them for Idaho!
    Sincerely, Marty Biwne

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    1. Love this Marty! I will absolutely have letters you can send from home, and I believe Carol is considering putting together another post-carding campaign. I will be sure to post all the info here.


  2. I’m interested, but I’ll have to work from home. If I have time & energy to compose (a) letter(s), I can email it to you to be printed for others who are interested.
    I too get frustrated with contacting our legislators, and like you, I hate making phone calls. But I’m OK with signing & mailing postcards and letters.


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